btsjungkookiegirl What About Me Mr Lu
Meeting with your dream man can kill both of you. What will you do if you where in Areum place would you face the danger or keep yourself in this live hell. Areum the Irelandain princess with mixed blood find her self in love with her mother 's friend son.They face troubles to be together move against fate and split apart, but how would they meet again would they be together again? How would they...
kaminism Astrum Irae
A young man, on the brink of total despair, accidentally kills himself and finds himself in an alternate world- a fantasy one, at that- after meeting a mysterious 'god'. This young man arouses in his fantasy world with the power of immortality- true, godly immortality, and a goal: to possess a kingdom. The young man is jubilant, and is prepared to start and excel in his new fantasy life as a great...
BriarRose She Becomes The Hero In Another World
A rookie scheduler ends up in a different world of swords and magic. Hero! A demon has made off with one of our village maidens!Hero! There is a goblin nest! I beg of you your aid!Hero! A band of thieves have made off with all my valuables!The Hero helps them all out, all the time unaware that they don 't know she 's a girl.
Nisio Isin Saikyou Series
“Overkilled Red” Aikawa Jun. The story of “Humanity’s Strongest Contractor” is now being told.